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Invent new ways to play music

Thanks to the standards ( MusicXML, LUA script, MIDI ), it is easy to invent new instruments aroud the Expresseur software or its API.

New instruments

Invent new physical interface to trigger the music in the Expresseur.

It can be useful for intensive players ( score, or improvisation ) who wants an instrument which has not the look and feel of a piano keyoard.

It can be an easy way to invent interface for disablity.

To facilitate the compatibility with MIDI, you can use Micro-controller MIDI-compliant ( e.g. teensy )

Project already available :

  • Small keyboard, with 5 keys ( one per finger ), and some functional buttons. It helps a lot to play intensively scores. A package can be sent on demand, for free. It contains :
  • The list of electronic components
          • The Teensy C code source 
          • The electronic board to plug the keys and the Teensy
          • The 3D modelling of the box which encapsulates all the components ( e.g. printable on sculpteo )




New outputs

Invent physical acoustic instruments, with robotics toolkits.

Trigger wav sounds.

"Display" the sounds using the shader technology.

Script new music logic

 To create or adapt new music behaviors,script your own music logic with LUA language.

Global schema of API MIDI LUA GUI in the Expresseur 


LUA Midi GUI API schema of the ExpresseurLUA Midi GUI API schema of the Expresseur